Zoe Konez

Zoe Konez – OK Now

“take me back, back home now”

Click on the above player to listen to OK Now.


Zoe rips up the singer/songwriter stereotype, delivering rousing tales through blazing guitar gymnastics, intense vocal melodies, edgy altered-tunings and irregular-rhythms.

As a two piece band, Zoe and drummer Will have been likened to ‘an acoustic White Stripes in reverse’.

The unconventional line up, original instrumentation, musical chemistry, and passionate delivery establishes a strong connection with the audience.

Will and Zoe met aged 13 when they played in their first band in East Sussex. After years apart they began playing together again four years ago, and after playing together casually and traveling around the world, they set up base in South London last year


Zoe and Will’s Comments

“Being invited to join the project was a great opportunity to be part of something really different and exciting.

We are really into collaborations and ways of discovering and championing new music (we host our own music night called Stop Look Listen).

The song we recorded for the project, ‘OK Now’ is about having an inner pull to leave, to travel, and run from a relationship, but ultimately returning and thinking it might have been best to stay in the first place, though only through leaving was that realised.

It’s a recently resurrected and reworked song from the vault. We recorded it ages ago but weren’t happy with it so semi-abandoned it. We’re really happy with the results of this new recording.

The recording set-up and location inspired our new way of playing ‘OK Now’ – we’ve never recorded at the top of a tower block over-looking London before!

We also had great fun on the photoshoot. Thanks very much to Mark for getting us involved!”

Mark’s Comments

When I started the project and advertised for singer/songwriters to get involved, it was great when a couple of duos stepped forward to record songs. Everybody brings something slightly different to a song and when people play together and bring out the best in each other it’s a great thing to hear.

That’s certainly the case with Zoe and Will, which is perhaps unsurprising once you discover that they’ve known each other since their early teens.

OK Now as a song is both immediate and yet full of tiny little details which help it to get better with each listen. As well as playing together instinctively, individually Zoe and Will each make the complex look effortless. This made them easy to record and it also makes them a great live act. Go and watch them play a set – they’re always up to something around London!

For the photo shoot, we met up in Camberwell near to where Zoe and Will share a house. One of the main lyrics in the song is about returning home and, as Zoe and Will go way back and the song is about growth, travel/return and self-realisation, the local park playground offered up a relevant (and fun!) location. Special thanks to Zoe and Will for entering into the spirit of the photos, getting a bit wet in the process (!) and for a fine cuppa and scrambled eggs whilst we were drying off afterwards.

One final comment, and an important one for a project which was partly inspired by an eagerness to bring musicians together and to share music. Zoe and Will run a great night each month down at Native Tongue (very close to Barbican tube) which showcases different groups of musicians each month. It’s called Stop, Look, Listen and it’s well worth checking it out. If Zoe and Will’s hand decorated cakes aren’t enough of an additional incentive to get down there, Native Tongue’s worth a mention in it’s own right. It’s a relaxed, small music/performing arts venue run by Chris, John and the others. They’re a welcoming and positive bunch (I’ve only been there a couple of times and I know their names already) and they make sure that the sound/technical side of things is well taken care of too. It’s a friendly place run by musician for musicians – go see for yourself. Oh, and look out for my new night Pick Me Up on the last Tuesday of each month too!

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