Barbara Cavaleri – Holes  

“take this cover away, from your face”

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Barbara Cavaleri is an Italian songwriter and interpreter. She arrived in London during June 2008 and, after discovering the magic of this town, decided to stay for a while. During these 3 years Barbara has promoted and written different works, and sang in lots of different music venues. She now works in London and Milan.

You can find more about Barbara here or on her Facebook page here.

Barbara’s Comments

Earlier this year, when I thought I was ready to move back to my home country, I met Mark and learnt about this Battle Rock project. I decided it was such a healthy and appropriate idea for a place as crowded with music and talents as “the town”.

Holes” is a song that talks for itself, just listen to it. It represents for me a change in the way I express myself and my world, although this is only an acoustic version.

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Mark’s comments

Barbara was a real pleasure to work with, not least because of her friendly yet professional nature and her calm yet precise and personal approach to music. It’s no coincidence that Barbara’s vocal has a really classy feel to it. I’d love to see her play in an old chapel (or, even better, an amphitheatre!), although frankly I’ll happily listen to her play and sing anytime.

For the photo, we met up in Regent’s Park close to where Barbara lives. We both liked the idea of doing the portrait shoot in a natural setting close to water and wildlife. Regent’s Park is one of my favourite parks in London, an oasis in the middle of London, and it enabled me to try to capture in a photograph the  natural and relaxed feeling of the song and Barbara’s soothing, intimate vocals. One of the themes of the song is holes and barriers and so we explored that theme with the photos, using natural holes and barriers like the weeping willow branches and leaves above.

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One Response to “Barbara”
  1. rita says:

    brava, mi piace. Bacioni. ita

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