Nicolette Corcoran – Father

“father, father, come on and tell me what to do with my life”

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I have been singing since a time before I could walk. The voice continues to amaze me, we all have one and can do so many things with it. I love to explore and play with my instrument. It is so exciting because the possibilities we have are infinite…

Some projects: .. I got through to the loop pedal finals in London from Brighton. There’s a clip on the website of my performance. .. Did some vocals for a couple of films. .. ‘City’ a short directed by Alex Edwards, Yeti Film, London, 2008. .. ‘Staircase’ a documentary about Dohosuh the Korean installation artist, directed by Andy Boyle , Helsinki Films, 2008. Here you can see some of the artists work. Beautiful! .. ‘The storey of three storeys’ a documentary about the creation of the now famous graffiti artwork in Brighton on Kensington Street. Directed by Tim Day, Snowstorm Media, 2009. .. ‘Anyone You Want’ an Australian Feature film coming out this summer, directed by Campbell Graham, Fifth Floor Films, London/Sydney, 2009. ..

If you want more you can find music and live footage on my website or MySpace.

Nicolette’s Comments

My name is Nicolette Corcoran, I was born in London and currently reside near Wandsworth Common. Trained as a singer, I write and perform my own compositions and arrangements. I create vocal acapella music, guitar folk songs and enjoy sometimes performing just with a loop pedal and my voice.

Music for me should be honest and a true reflection of the person who creates it. However, it is not just about the artist and would not happen without the listener. Creating a real connection with the audience is very important to me.

The song I recorded with Mark, ‘Father Father’, was written in response to how I was feeling when a very close friend of mine found out their father was dying of cancer. I was initially unsure about whether I should record such a personal and spiritual song, but I came to feel it was the right thing to do.

Mark’s pictures of me were taken outside a church close to my family home, a place that represents many different times in my life, and also a place which holds a special significance to the song.

I found out about Mark’s project online, and decided to get involved because I thought it sounded like an exciting opportunity, and a chance to record in a studio with someone experienced. I was impressed by what Mark produced, and by his professionalism. This for me has been a very positive project.

Mark’s Comments

It was a real pleasure to record this song with Nicolette. I listened to a couple of Nicolette’s demo tracks online ahead of the recording session and was immediately struck by the beauty of her layered vocals and guitar playing. Father combines these qualities with a raw, honest and powerful lead vocal and lyrics. I share Nicolette’s views on music and the importance of honesty, and it was a privilege to work on such a personal, emotional and beautiful song.

For the photographs, Nicolette and I spoke about a location close to her home which fit with the song – an old church was an obvious option and, as chance would have it, Nicolette not only lived close to an old church, but to one which had a personal and special significance for her and the song. With the location chosen, I wanted to take some shots with minimal ambient light and so Nicolette kindly agreed to photograph into the night with me using mobile lighting to create shadows and capture a sense of isolation and introspection. The aged old church door provided a simple yet symbolic and sympathetic backdrop.

All website images are the copyright of Mark Hucks © all rights reserved.


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