Midé – Changes

“change is a coming, time is a going, we only own the now”

Please click on the player to listen to Midé’s song.


Midé is a UK based singer, songwriter and musician. He’s always had a creative streak and in his early teens it came out in the form of art. He was always drawing comic (well comical) superheroes and cartoons. That grew into a liking for arts, music and literature. The streak seemed to mature into structured rhyme and meanings and before long, poems and songs were born.

Besides releasing his debut EP, Travellin’ Light, in February 2011, he actively plays gigs everywhere from pubs and cafes to big stages and to all kinds of audiences. While its difficult to define his sound with influences like John Mayer, Israel Houghton, Jonny Lang etc, there is a strong soulful element to his material – which consists of his life and faith. Midé is putting in the work towards a new project, hopefully for sometime later this year. Keep a close eye on MidesMusic (Google me).

Midé can be found on Facebook, on his website, on Myspace and on Twitter.

Midé’s Comments

From the minute I heard about the idea for this compilation, I’ve been convinced that it would be a great idea. Not only do the songs sound awesome, but the process of recording and putting it all together was a brilliant experience too.

Then the photography just goes to show how much talent Mark really has. So far its been a really rewarding experience and I’d do it again and again.

Mark’s Comments

It was a good day when I met Midé. We had a coffee and then went back to the Bunker to share some songs and record. Midé had two main songs that he wanted to record and, whilst it was hard to pick which one to use for the project (they both sounded great in different ways), I was drawn to Changes. It’s a great, soulful song, both personal in scope and much, much bigger. Midé‘s a highly talented musician (he normally produces his own songs too), and as well as putting down a great guitar take and some powerful vocals on that first day, he effortlessly added strings and piano takes to help complete the arrangement on a subsequent visit. Happy days.

For the photos we met up in Greenwich. Not only is it fairly close to where Midé lives, but it was an obvious location for a song with time as a central theme. I suggested we meet up by the Royal Observatory (to hammer the location choice home!), and suggested we meet not too long before dusk to capture a clear sense of change in time and the natural environment. The Royal Observatory has the added benefit of being on a hill with great views across London. I wanted to use London as a backdrop as it is, by it’s very nature, a symbol of change and, with it’s long history and varied architecture (and new, old, and temporary structures), a catalogue of time passed and the human experience. Whilst there are other photos from the shoot I prefer in their own right, I felt that this shot was the most interesting for the project and appropriate for the song: by using a long exposure I was able to highlight the shifting “now” by capturing Midé in more than one pose and position (and in a transient state). The Observatory’s green timeline laser was the ice on the time-themed cake!

All website images are the copyright of Mark Hucks © all rights reserved.


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