Hilary Harvey – Fairytales

“my big heart, it’s like the sun”

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Hilary has been singing ever since she travelled from Guyana to the north of England at a young age, but her talent was kept virtually secret until she exploded onto the Manchester music scene. The story goes as follows; one rainy afternoon, sitting in a bar, supping slowly on some dark rum, reminiscing of the tropical Latin American climate, she decided to walk downstairs and enter the first round of a singing competition going on that afternoon: Student Pop Idol 2006. Three months and a lot of singing later, Hilary won. One of the judges not only commented on her similarity in style to Billy Holliday, but also praised her by saying, “your voice sounds like chocolate tastes”.

Hilary grew up listening to the old soul legends, but has a modern wide range of influences and style and versatility that are definitely her own. She has gigged around Manchester, as well as in London and further afield,  and once she has finished a couple more new songs she is planning on starting a new band in London.

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Hilary’s Comments

Fairytales” was my first effort at songwriting and I’m really grateful to Mark for all his support and encouragement. We grow up listening to stories that always end in a ‘happy ever after’ and the song is a little bit about the disillusionment with this naive approach to love. It’s an intensely personal song and so initially I found it challenging to have someone else give their input and, in particular, their photographic interpretation.

Mark made me feel really comfortable in the studio so that I could focus on the recording rather than feeling self-conscious – really important for a novice! I also enjoyed playing around with different ideas for the portrait, despite the rain, and again, Mark’s warm approach helped me to relax in front of the camera. Ultimately I’m really happy with the end result – both the song and the picture and this is down to the high level of care and attention that Mark gave. I’m looking forward to writing more songs and hoping that I can persuade Mark to record me again!

Mark’s Comments

Hilary and I first got to know each other because of a shared passion for music and singing, and it’s been a privilege listening to Hilary’s singing and playing in the year or two we’ve known each other. Her guitar skills have kept on improving in that time which, as well as starting to do her vocals justice, have made it possible for her to write her first song and be part of this project. It’s hard to believe it’s her first effort at song writing (but true!), as the song has so much rhythm, melody, honesty and integrity tightly packed into it – I guess some people just have a natural knack…

For the photo, we went up to Clissold Park, just down the road from where Hilary lives. I decided to go focus on a fairly literal representation of one of the lyrics – “my big heart, it’s like the sun”. I got the effect of the heart burning out of the picture, like a small sun, using a flash gun pointed towards the camera and some coloured card stuck on the diffuser (if you look carefully, you can actually see the flashgun – whilst some of the other shots are, technically, tidier, I felt that this one was the most appropriate and interesting). I framed Hilary with some dark tree branches (and dimmed the ambient light) to add to the fairytale atmosphere of the picture. It was a fairly miserable, rainy afternoon, but Hilary was her naturally patient and photogenic self irregardless.

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5 Responses to “Hilary”
  1. Charlotte Watson says:

    Lovely song and even lovelier voice!

  2. Beropa says:

    Just lovely! I really enjoy listening to this song! your voice gives peace! =) Thank you!! and keep on working with your voice and lyrics!!!!!
    Lots of kisses, belén

    “ay ay ay ay.. canta y no llores, porque cantando se alegran cielito lido los corazones” 😉

  3. Kate Scholes says:

    Didn’t know you sang Hilary!! Beautiful voice cant believe you kept this hidden for so long!! Beautiful 🙂 Kate xx

  4. alexandra harvey says:

    Pretty good. I’d buy it. Very soothing voice and song despite the sad words.

    vijay sharma and mom

  5. Satenik says:

    You’re greaat I am your fan:))
    much ove to you from Armenia:)

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